• Built-in sprinklers – slip, slide and get soaked with this inflatable water slide with built-in sprinklers
  • Speed ramp – inflatable speed ramp ensures everyone hits top speed while also providing a soft, smooth landing
  • Easy set-up – perfect for use in your garden, simply attach the slide to a garden hose and the sprinklers will do the work while you H20 go.
  • Drench pool – inflatable drench pool provides a fun, safe and extremely wet way to end the ride
  • 18ft long – 5.5m (18 feet) in length, perfect for kids and adults
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Are you ready for the ultimate garden water slide? Best way’s H2O GO. Single Slider Slip and Slide with Speed Ramp gives you your very own water slide right in your back garden, perfect for hot summer days and hours of active fun in your garden. This 18ft (5.49m) long water slide starts with a Speed Ramp to give you an extra boost of speed and ends with a soft inflatable drench pool at the bottom to catch and splash you. The H2O GO. Single Slider is so easy to set up. Simply fill the Speed Ramp with water to weigh it down to anchor it, and then fill the rest of the soft inflatable landing cushion with air. The H20 GO. comes with simple attachments so you can easily attach a hose to the water slide and jets of water will make the slip and slide extra slippery and slide-y. Even if you have a flat garden the H20 GO. Speed Ramp feature launches you into the slide and gives you a soft landing as you propel yourself to the bottom. Comes with repair patch in case of a puncture. Suitable for age 3+. Size 5.49m / 18ft in length

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